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As If - sample page

As If: 50 Prompts to Help You Manifest Your Ideal Life

This is a perfect book for anyone who wants to get closer to their ideal life, reach their potential, or simply make tomorrow better than yesterday.

The purpose of this book is to help you clarify your vision of your ideal life. To help you do this, we ask you questions about that ideal life, and you answer them as if that ideal were already your actual, present life.

The book serves as a written vision board (and, in fact, works great if used in connection with a vision board), helping you tap into your highest self and the vision for the life you'd like to manifest.

The more you clarify and feel your ideal vision, the stronger it gets. And the stronger it gets, the more it acts like a magnet, pulling your present self/life closer and closer toward your ideal until they are one and the same.

We hope this book helps you send a clear message to the universe about the life you want to live--the live you're meant to live--and then live it!

Made with 12-point double-sided glossy covers and filled with 100% recycled white paper.

printed journal (measures 4.25"x5.5")

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