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The Commitment Book - sample page

The Commitment Book:
Helping You Keep
Your Word to Yourself

A 4-Step Plan that Guides You Toward Your Goals and Holds You Accountable for Achieving Them

Have you ever gotten really excited about a goal that you wanted to achieve and then had a hard time following through with it? Do you frequently say that you're going to do something and then either forget about it or get too busy and end up not doing it?

If so, The Commitment Book can help!

In it, we introduce you to our Commitment Training Program, which is a simple system that helps you come up with a realistic commitment and then holds you accountable for keeping it. We focus on keeping the commitment rather than the goal itself. When you can keep your word, your self esteem will immediately rise! Our system gives you the tools for a lifetime of following through on what you say you will do!

It is broken into the following four steps:
1. Find your commitment
2. Commit to your commitment
3. Keep your commitment
4. Celebrate, re-evaluate, and recommit to your commitment

It is written to be a workbook and gives you the opportunity to really explore what you want to commit to in life.

It is great for individuals to use to follow their goals. It's also a great tool for families, teachers, counselors, and corporations.

An excerpt from the introduction:

Do you want to change anything about your life? Maybe you've already tried but ran out of steam (or got distracted, lost interest, or decided you didn't have time) before you accomplished your goal. If so, you're not alone! Most people already know what they want and how to get it. So why isn't everyone accomplishing their goals and living their dreams?


If you can commit to change, this book can help.

Made with 12-point double-sided glossy covers and filled with 100% recycled white paper.

printed journal (measures 4.25"x5.5")

SALE: Just $3.95 while supplies last (regularly $9.95)



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